Datawarehousing / BI Freelance Consultant


Data & ETL Architecture

Datawarehouse / Datamarts Design & Modeling

English, French and Portuguese speaker/writer



30 rue d’Issy                                                      

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt                                  



mobile: +33 (0) 6 60 06 60 26

email: xavier@beaume.org


url: http://www.beaume.org/beaumex/cv-us.html   

ms word: Xavier_BEAUME_CV-US.doc

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COMPUTER SKILLS                                                                                                              


  Languages:    SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, C, Pro*C, Perl, Tcl, Java/Groovy, XML, Eiffel, SmallTalk

  Architectures: Kimball & Inmon BI concepts; client/serveur, n-tiers J2EE, EAI/SOA/ESB

  Systems:        Unix / Linux & Windows on IP networks ; Tse, Ssh, Vpn ; Control M, $Universe

  DBMS:           Oracle, Sql Server, Oracle Designer, PowerAMC, Embarcadero, Toad, OEM, Discoverer, Sql Developer, DWH/DMT & ER/dimensional modeling

  ETL:               Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), OWF, OMB+, SqlServer Integration Services 2012 (SSIS), Informatica PowerCenter v9, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI, ex-Sunopsis) v11, Talend v4

  Quality:          Merise, UML, MS-Project; outils SCM : Serena Dimensions (PVCS), Clearcase,

                        Team Foundation Software (TFS), Scrum, Mercury Quality Center



LANGUAGES ABILITIES                                                                                                       


French: native ; English (US): fluent; Portuguese (Br.): fluent; Spanish: working skills



BUSINESS AREAS                                                                                                                


Financial Markets, Banking, Insurance, Public Finance, Accountancy, Telecom.



PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (reversed chronology)                                                          


2005 - 2013    BI / Datawarehousing Freelance Consultant


*       Led ETL migration from Informatica to SSIS over data integration components (ODS, DWH, DMT) on behalf of Change Management Dept. at Carmignac Gestion.


Defined to_be architecture and migration roadmap.

Set up one-to-one, Sql-only, comparative testing model.


Drived implementation team (4 outsourced developers + PM – flat rate) and managed LCM & roll-out steamlining between environments.


Refactored history re-processing features, Infa mapplet simulation, xml generation.


(february - july 2013)


*       Designed and led implementation of Olympia DWH & DMT on behalf of Reporting Dept. at Carmignac Gestion


Modeled snowflake ROLAP dimensional matrix with strong dimensional history reqs. (SCD6 = 1+2+3) and dimension hierarchies reusability needs (cubes constellation and cross-drilling features)


Pilot implementation upon SqlServer Integration Services (SSIS 2012), SqlServer 2012 (Denali); Toad4MSSS ; XML, PowerAMC 16, Visual Studio, BI Developement Studio (BIDS) / SqlServer Data Tools (SSDT), SqlServer Management Studio, Team Foundation Software


(september 2012 – january 2013)


*       Carried out architecture, design and implementation of Austerlitz ODS Austerlitz at Carmignac Gestion

Initial POC for robustness, traceability and leverage of repo meta-data upon native functionalities of Informatica 9.0.1

Initiated and implemented an advanced interfacing with Ctrl-M


(january – july 2012)


*       Audited and developed through Vendôme Datawarehouse (upon SqlServer 2008R2) on behalf of Change Management Dept. at Carmignac Gestion

re-architectured Informatica Services (v9.0.1) for availability.

Setup of an incident log and reporting process around DWH load.


(september - december 2011)


*       Audited target data architecture in the context of a complete reeingineering ReedMidem Information System (eBusiness, SalesForce.com, PeopleSoft).

Modeled upon Embarcadero of the subsidiary business requirements and analysed gap against ReedExhibitions group data model.

Recommanded good practices about re-urbanization in the context of the aimed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), a MDM setup for CDI and the future Datawarehouse.


(march - june 2011)


*       Prototyped a datamart upon ODI/Sunopsis v.11.1

Installed product on Windows & Linux Debian.

Installed Oracle 11.2 dbms, created db, Master & Work repositories and configured agenet.

Designed interfaces, packages and load plans ; deployed scenarios benchmarked many common ETL functionalities.


(december 2010 - january 2011)


*       Extended Manufacturing Process Management datamart at Bourbon Automobile (auto parts maker) to sales process and forecasting.

Re-engineered the environmental architecture ; integrated flows from R&D ; designed new Olap cubes in respect to existing dimensional bus ; design & developed ETL process flows and mappings


(november 2009 - july 2010)


*       Defined QA environments and promotional methodology of project SàD at Antadir Assistance (medical support & logistics)

Normalized TNS model and actually deployed Oracle rdbms over seven client sites.

Architectured federated view model for SàD operational reporting.

Prototyped a replication model based on Oracle Streams


(april - october 2009)


*       Audited Market Risk Management ODS on behalf of service support dpt. at ING Bank in Brussels.

Trained and coached a development team during the whole cycle to go live of brand new Asset & Liabilities Management ODS


(june 2008 - march 2009)


*       Designed and implemented a datamart upon procurement statistics of Bourbon Automobile auto parts maker, covering accountancy and production sites of all european subsidiaries.

Trained and relayed to the company staff


(october 2007 to march 2008)


*       Designed and implemented data synchronization architecture upon OWB10gR2 in the context of a migration project toward two complementary ERP on behalf of Antadir Assistance medical support & logistics.


(march to october 2007)


*       Counselled Gras Savoye insurance broker on dimensional modeling, incremental extractions design, CDC (Change Data Capture) implementation and optimization upon OWB10gR2 and Oracle Streams


(march - may 2007)


*       Various expertise interventions at Fortis Insurance, Cap Gemini, Sanofi-Aventis, departmental administration of Bordeaux, Avolys training center of Rouen, Logi-tech of Nantes, SIIM 94 in Ivry.




*       Re-engineered ODS / DWH / Datamart architecture at T-Online / Club Internet over OWB 10gR1 ; contributed to implementation, optimization and migration to 10gR2


(november 2006 - february 2007)


*       Produced various training sessions on datawarehousing upon OWB 10gR2 within a regional administration in Nantes


(october 2006)


*       Oriented architecture, data modeling and development methodology of a departmental administration in Lilles with OWB 9i


(june - july 2006)


*       Contributed to the definition of the datawarehouse architecture and development good practices over OWB 10gR2 at Crédit du Nord 


(november 2005 - may 2007)




2004-2005      DataWareHousing Consultant – Stock Exchange / Trading On Line

June – Oct.   


                     Thales I.S. Finance subcontracted to CPR-Online (Crédit Agricole), Paris


                     Technical and functional migration (Oracle WareHouse Builder / OWB) of the middle-office


                     DataWareHouse following the adoption of a new back-office provider.

                     Profiled data and elaborated data quality tests.

Re-engineered and modelized the warehouse and reporting tools referring to users and CIO.

Planned migration, switch time, production impacts (evolutions, deployments, job planning, automated objects push between quality environments over OMB+, etc.)  collaborating with Geneva (database hosting) and NYC (DBAs)

                     Managed a senior developer.



2002 - 2003    Support Manager of the Free Software Department

Sept. – Nov.

                        IOS (informática, organização e sistemas), Brasília, Brésil


Organized system and network infrastructure, security and technical support; migrated all internal services to Linux platform (DNS, Samba, Ipchains, OpenLDAP, Postfix, Apache + MySQL/PostgreSQL, etc.); Recruited new engineers and leaded several prototypes implementations within the free software laboratory;

                     Participated to various open source / free software events.



1998 - 2002    Project Leader - Integrated System of Public Finance Management:

July - July      SIGFiP/Oracle (distributed execution of the entire national ivorian budget)


                     C.R.I. subcontracted to OCM (governement), Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Defined software architecture and quality process over 3 releases of the product assisted stakeholders in specifying/validating functional requirements for 3rd version; customized and exported 2nd release to Benin Republic (operational since 2001);

Managed an up to 10-engineers team (conceptors, developers, DBA) all along the processes of technical design, implementation, testing, documentation and deployment; organization of the users help desk workflow;

Implemented a ROLAP hyper-cube Datamart accessed with Discoverer 3.0;

Prototyped the migration to J2EE architecture (JSP, EJB) with JDeveloper 9i + oc4j/OAS9i        



1997 - 1998    Team Leader - DIRECT-INFO (Intraday financial extranet system)

May - May

                        SOPRA, subcontracted to Crédit Lyonnais, La Défense, Paris


Manutention of the Cosmos Web Server access to the Oracle database through Pro*C; Reengineered the architecture over Netscape enterprise Server 3.0 (Javascript LiveWire Server Pages); management the Web front end sub-project: Direct-Info (3 engineers)



1996              Developer - Eiffel language network libraries (OOP)

May - Oct.

                     Interactive Software Engineering (B. Meyer president), Santa Barbara,

                     Califórnia, US


Object designed and embedded in Eiffel the C language TCP/IP and UDP/IP sockets mecanisms (Unix & Win32); Designed and developed advanced tools for asynchronous communications


1993 - 1995    System/Network Engineer - Coordinated and administered INSEE-DIRAG

Sept. - July    LAN's


                     National Institute of Statistics and Economic Survey over the French



Supervised media (cable) installation of the four LANs; Installed (LAN Manager/OS2 and Win NT) servers and instructed regional administrators; Deployed e-mail system and interconnected disparate sites; Defined strategies for access, security and backup systems; Designed and developed a push utility for remote installation/configuration/upgrade





Nov. 96          Master of Science in C.S.: Parallel Processing, Networks and Distributed


                     École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne (ENST Br.)


July 93           Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (graduated with honors)

                     San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, California, USA

                     Equivalence granted by the University of Paris XI, Orsay, France


July 92           License in Computer Science (graduated with honors)

                     University of Paris XI, Orsay, France


July 91           DEUG A (Mathematics and Physics, graduated with honors)

                     University of Paris XI, Orsay, France


July 88           Baccaulauréat: C serie (Mathematics and Physics)

                     Lycée Ste Barbe, Paris, France